I'm sitting here on the edge of the world, so lonely
Wishing you could be here by my side
I'm thinking about the things I've got to face now, but they're only
Things that will pass with time

Took my chances to find the light
Searching for something, to find what's right
Left to wander, left to roam
Without a friend, without a home

I'm wondering where my life has gone I'm still wondering
What life would be like if I came home
Maybe I never should have run away from everything
Maybe I don't have to be so alone

The miles go by and times change
I left, I did it my way
Under the cold and dark sky
I'll wander the streets tonight
Waiting for something more
I haven't found what I'm looking for
I've grown tired of this endless ride
Emptiness is eating me away inside
So here's me saying I was wrong
I guess I knew it all along
I'm sitting here all alone
Looks like I'm coming home

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