Godless servant of a godless lord
Live for a lie, die by its sword
Godless lover of a godless whore
Writhe and beg and moan for more
Godless painter of a godless art
Forge deception from your poison heart
Godless singer of a godless song
Every note, every word is wrong
Submit your worship to the throne
Nothing is sacred!
Of a Creation of your own
Nothing is sacred!
The evolution of a fool
Nothing is greater than the total worth of you
Godless teacher of a godless lie
Learn to destroy, live to defy
Godless fighter for a godless right
Freedom to choose, choose to divide
Godless conscript from a godless war
Fear is the spawn of a coward's spore
Godless banker for a godless gain
Invest distortion, withdraw hate
Deception dominates your soul
Like a fool, you think you're in control
In your own image! Social engineering
In your own image! From a treacherous mind
In your own image! Man against God
In your own image! Blind
In your own image! You curse at the hand
In your own image! That drew your first breath
In your own image! What you demand...
In your own image! ...is death
Godless doctor to a godless pain
Infect the righteous, spread the strain
Godless baker of a godless feast
Starve the weak to feed the beast
Godless stooge of a godless fool
The godless proceeds of a godless school
Godless prophet of a godless truth
The path of fools is the path you choose
You bought the lies you chose your fate
I guess you really are the scion of the apes!

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