Sell your labor and you're not free
It's the exploitation of man by man
Labor is your social duty
Communism will save this land
"Our mission is not to uphold the law"
"To execute a man, we do not need proof of his guilt"
"We only need to prove that it's necessary to kill him"
You can't lead with a good example
Reform is a bitter pill to swallow
The use of terror is essential
Then where we lead, you will follow
"Always interrogate your prisoners at night"
"A man's mental resistance is always lower at night"
Revolution is born in the moonlight
We are not a liberator
Liberators don't exist
We come as exterminators
Your's is a problem we can fix
"Proof is an archaic bourgeois detail"
"We execute from revolutionary conviction"
Your job is shoot em'!
Viva Cristo Rey!

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