Secrets you dare not be told
Possessing beauty more precious than gold
You're deceived by a wicked persuasion
I know what you wish to be told
I'm music to your ears
I'm light to your eyes
You know better than to listen
But you can't resist a lie
Praise the machine
Benai Elohim
Back to curse you
Back to crush you
Search your past and I am there
Your father's fathers were ill prepared
I stretched my hand and the earth did tremble
You called us gods...You were scared!
Your places await you
And there is much to tell
Oh, you will follow
I'm your ticket to hell
I'm the reason they teach you in Sunday School
Test the spirits lest you be fooled...
I've been patient, I'll be patient no more
You don't believe in gods anymore
I'll hide my magic inside a machine
You'll get more than you bargained for
Come see my spaceship
Just for your eyes
Consume my science
Consume my lies
What you see, It ain't what you get
And you ain't seen...nothin' yet!

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