Little Rosie had her herself a romance fit for few
Screaming in her bed
Tearing out the spreads
Little Rosie covered walls with pictures of her prince

Shining just like new
Gracing just the few
Now I see Rosie shivers one more burned down outdoor
It's dangerous for us to be around
Rosie cut up her face
Jumped off her base
And sees no point in staying on the ground

Little Rosie used to cherish favours that were lost
She would run a mile
With her frozen smile
Now I hear Rosie clings to the trees
Talks to the bees and closes up whenever he's around

Rosie pigtails and all runs from the ball
Wiping out the bloodstains from her gown

Little Rosie had her herself a roman, roman, roman, roman, roman, man
Romance fit for few, romance fit for few

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