I'll never forget that day back in 1969
At my sister's wedding reception
I was still wearing corduroy short pants
Hadn't had my first erection
The band was playin' waltzes
The crowd was getting' bored
When this teddy boy materialized on the floor
He jumped up on the stage
Like a tiger from a cage
Yeah, he changed my whole life direction

Oh, elvis murphy, jailhouse rock knocked me out that day
And love me tender almost melted me away
And my blue suedes were here to stay
The crowd was goin' crazy, all dancin' and then
Hey, i knew i'd never be the same again.

When i left school, i got a job in a bank
Be a real successful person
I'd work all day in my three-piece suit
But at night i'd be guitar rehearsin'
My boss said "young man, concentrate on your work!"
But elvis said "hey, kid, i got this gig in hamburg
For fifty quid a week," i was so thrilled i couldn't speak
I told my boss to shove his dumb occupation.

I hear his song but i still think of you
Oh, man, i'd do anything just to have a drink with you
The way you moved and played your guitar
Oh, elvis baby, you just showed me the way.

The years flew past, some slow some fast
Many a short lived sensation
I got a job with a band in the states
Had to find my own generation
So, come on elvis don't you be no square
Just 'cause you got six kids don't mean
You don't care
The sixties is gone but the party goes on
Rock 'n roll is your only salvation.

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