I remember you back in 1992
When they were putting us down
Trying to tramp us into the ground
You exploded like a flame in the night
With a righteous indignation
Told us "everything gonna be alright"

Change come slowly like the ocean
But it keep on comin' nonetheless
Take my hand, oh dear companion,
We may not find happiness
But peace and then some real contentment
And a measure of social justice
Oh change come slowly like the ocean
But they can't stop the tide
And they're never ever goin' to stop us

They've got the bullets and the guns
And the propaganda machine
All we ever had was an impossible dream
You stood tall as steel in the flaming night
Said "let us have no fear
The victors will be those who can the most endure

Sally came to me with flames in her eyes
And her long hair blowin' in the breeze
She said "dry up your tears, boy, we've been down too long
It's time we were up off our knees"

Oh the stars in the heavens are blazin' tonight
The moon she is glidin' on high
And the drum roll of liberty beats in my heart
As the warm winds of change blow by

Don't ask me to be a slave anymore
I couldn't be if i tried
For the pipes scream an anthem of hope in my heart
As the warm winds of change blow by

She moved like a ghost through the enemy lines
But her laugh was defiant and clear
She kissed me hard on the mouth and said "goodbye,
I'll love you forever, my dear"

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