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The Nerds, The Freaks, And The Romantics

Bouncing Souls

I Got a song stuck in my head
walking down street #9 i sing it out loud
with my friends and were all having a good time
we all waited for weeks now we're hangin on the street in NYC
we gotta go to the show ever though
were all underage. Outside the firehall
in PA it rained on 300 kids all
day when the cops shut it down no one
went away we're gonna play no matter
what they say. 3 or 4 people showed up in
Alburquerque the alternator died
somewhere between Mankato and Rapid city
Strangers in some strange lands
in LA the enchiladas made us sick but that's ok.
Growing up we didn't
wanna be like them it was tough to know
who were our friends killing time
playing basements way back when in
alot of ways nothing's changed from now
and then some say they've been left out
i wonder why they still hang
around i wonder where these sure things
could be then i realized that
somehow i found them in me
we're gonna play no matter what they say.

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Compuesta por: Bryan Kienlen / Greg Attonito / Pete Steinkopf / Shal Khichi. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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