From Halfway Tree to Trafalga
240 years of community service, for what (hello yello)
Can you see the triple standard (hello yello)
Dem really got you balls..

Who get di most fight (Nuh Bounty)
And di most hype (Nuh Bounty)
Who dem sey mek crime high (Nuh Bounty)
Bounty, Bounty, everything a Bounty
Who di p*ssyhole dem nuh like (Nuh Bounty)
Who di bigger head wan fi spite (Nuh Bounty)
Who dem sey mek badmind high (Nuh Bounty)
Bounty, Bounty everything a Bounty

Verse 1:
(Say Wha)If you hear mi buss, gun inna mi song (gun inna mi song)
U never see nuh gun inna me hand
Tell di shotta dem, dat mi sey fi bury di weapon
Nuh tek no more gun from nuh politician (so what)
If you hear mi sey fi kill battyman
so go kill you'self if you a one
No man, nuh fi lie down wit no man (mi nuh inna di fuckery)


Verse 2:
Police a dead, Soldier a dead,
Badman a dead, pickney a dead (A mi mek dem dead)
Yard a run red, all foreign dred,
AID's no stop spread (a mi mek it spread)
Line a get bump, man a pull plump,
Pan a who a traffic dem drugs (a mind dem loss)
So mi dun see it, all hide and seek, a fi go hit di streets, father god nah sleep


Verse 3
Everywhere mi go trouble a follow me,
Try hard fi collar me, him and him family a bother me,
But me pick up di strategy, dem incent a tragedy,
But none a dem caan manage it.
Me see dem an dem colony, ramp wit economy
Like chess game or monopoly.
Nah surredner nuh break di manotomy
Cuz everyting is Bounty


Verse 1

Chorus (x2)

Everyting about me it's bounty
Hello Yello
you know from intro to outro (yo yello)
it's warlord up in here...

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