Intro: Bounty Killer
And this is, di mighty Bounty Killer, along wid Jr. Gong

Damian "Jr.Gong" Marley (Bounty Killer):
Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! (Huh!) Yes mi lion a mi name Jr. Gong yuh know
Now yuh mee di dj dread, watch out, young man (Lawd A Mercy) watch it now...bim!!!

Verse 1: Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
Well a mi name Jr. Gong mi seh yuh come in not to talk
Who nuh know mi from dem see mi a live in top a notch
Seh khaki boot and khaki suit yuh tink mi go a Calabar
World a pickney dem nuh know seh every dreadlocks is a star
Neva quick wid di lyrics and neva quick when we attack
Get a hitch yuh haffi fit equip to spit a fire back
See it fit inna mi grip from mi a squeeze it till it spark
Every itty little bit it drop yuh know nuh left attack
Counter flip it till it pifle left him mind nuh we matter
Rope it in like Yosemite Sam when time when we a war
And dem betta know we vehicle and dem betta mark we car
And keep our distance though we sack a man wid full up face a scar
Yuh go run fi di Uptown man dem but a we and dem a par
And yuh run fi di ghetto man dem but a we and dem a par
And yuh run fi di Country man dem but a we and dem a par
We a bun some ganja spliff weh we love bigga than cigar

Bridge: Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
Watch a dread! Flash it a, flash it a, dreadlocks, bim!!!

Verse 2: Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
And politicians a drive dem cartell dem don't stare come ova here
When dem touch down pon di ends yuh only hearseh war declare
Man a cop it inna town and man a cop it inna square
And nuh leave a skull a boare and dem nuh leave a flesh a tear
Wait, some man a run down grammy fi di gun and fi di year
And when mi poor people haffi live it inna fear
Waan shot dem pon dem back and dem a now a more fi war
I mon one deserve to dun and still cannot affor a par
Cannot find nuh force a livin man shall rise in dat a (?)
And di whole a price a rise and it nuh dare a dat mi dare
And a so mi get fi know seh Aids a government nuh care
All di money dem a share afraid a Guiness break a Beer
Cannot tell yuh likkle pickney school fi come up inna year
Tell di yute dem seh fi get dem education and prepare
Rastafari nah go gain nuh more than they can bare
Catch a fire eat a bug so tell di people dem beware

Bridge: Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley (Bounty Killer)
(Lawd A Mercy!) Flash it a, flash it a, flash it a, bim!
Flash it a, flash it a, flash it a, bim!

Verse 3: Bounty Killer
Warlord and Jr. Gong, when yuh hear dat tune yah bomb
Haffi send in numba one, yuh can assume dat is di bomb
Fi di Gold and fi di yak cau man fi tun hooligan
Like Stephen and Julian, rasta dem nuh cooleyman
Babylon dem truly wrong, but dem waan fi fool di man
But dem waan fi gi we jumped, and dem war dem truly man
I an I a nuh fool cau mi try to school di man
How dem fi try to school di don
Dem seh Bounty is di beast, di eye of di beholder
Compare him to Hitler and Iyah told yuh
Seh dem a high roller dem a babylon stroller
Seh dat there cold, but Jr. Gong colda...cross,angry.....

Bridge: Bounty Killer
Lawd A Mercy! Lawd A Mercy!

Verse 4 & Outro: Eek-A-Mouse
Mi muma mi muma mi muma mi muma, bella bella, bella, bella, bella oy!!!
Jah know seh she roam in wid house of papa, bella bella, bella, bella, bella oy!!!
Mi only have one big sista and dem nuh kill mi bredda
Hey! Dem seh dat yuh must fight black power
Hey! Dem man deh bwoy deh back bi bowa
Hey! Di bwoy deh a come from Bulava
Ha ha haha ha, bading dem..........

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Written by: Damian Junior Gong Marley / R. Eek-A-Mouse Hylton / R. Price / Stephen Marley · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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