Aye yeow yallow! stressing ah
For the future of this country these guys have been messing
Aye yeow yallow stress out ah
the whole system must out
Aye yeow yallow
One time, whe dem guys a seh bout Michael and Busta were the best leader deh bout
These guys wanna see us dead out
Aye yeow they smoke, they drunk, they crack out
dem red out ah
outta di judgment I'm heading out
Corruption been spreading out
it's getting redder out
Well eye water from mi eyes, hard life a meck mi cry
For my brother whe a die, see some big man whe a die
My heart nuh tell no lie, my jeep nuh carry no spy
and don't you ask me why, cause the limit is the sky
Buddi bye bye bye bye, cah mi nuh like nuh guy
Like girls dem acting shy, funny guy fi die
Look up inna mi eagle eye, until the clip run dry
Well look up in the sky, the eagle want to fly


Suh meck we ask dem who have man a boss dem?
Up and down wi pass dem, fassyhole we class dem
Donkey, mule and ass dem, coppa-corn and cast dem
Evil witchcraft dem, iron deh ya for dem


Den how the hell tings fi change, tings need fi rearrange
Bun up dem cocaine, inject back dem vein
Stretch out back dem brain, bring back dem black rain
long time we inna pain
Well di country a run dread eeh? man a lose dem head eeh?
And nuh badda waan dead eeh
See hospital nuh even ave enough bed eeh?
The blind must be led eeh, the hungry must be fed eeh


Hell I'm talking to the media and the leader
Weh poor people dem well waan get ridda
We need a better life, the country must be cleaner
Well mis-leader a go sick to dem word ya
and dem speech ya
nuh hear no complaint from di teacher and yuh preacher
Wha dat mi a hear and a read inna di Gleaner?

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