Intro: Crossed, angry, Miserable
These girls Iresstible

Verse 1:
Yuh a lead and a set di trend
Kindly tell a gal stop pretend
Caah you and dem could never be friend
And dem a nuff up di place like Oxygen
Mek di Walk and di Post fi dem
Caah yuh naah wear nuh clothes fi dem
Naah guh Borrow ..have nutten fi lend
And yuh nuh care..who waah fi dem

Caah yuh Hot like a Sun
Caah Pop dung
Body intact
Hole lock dung
Nuff man waan come
Caah get none
Tight like Virgin it caah dun
Yuh Hot like fire
Got more. higher
Temperature raise mek man perspire
Have every aspect
Man heart desire
Yuh a lead but dem affi retire

Verse 2:
Dem lukewarm but yuh ultra-Hot
All heads turn when yuh touch pon di spot
Dem a drop offa form yuh deh pon di top
Standing ovation.everyman a clap
Rotate.waitline like just a clock
Flawless, Godbless a yuh dem caah stop
Your fan rates grow ..dem ratings drop
Man only guh check dem want a (strap).
Slap a gal inna face if a bright she chat
Dem Bleach til dem tun Polka dot
Skin mark up caah wear alter-back
500 pound annuh baby fat
Man a dead over di face and di shape you got
Anyweh yuh swing guh di whole crowd a rock
Sexy girl from yellow, from brown to black
Model and mek a gal ketch Heart-attack


Verse 3:
Time hot inna yuh pool yuh dive
Waan mek a flex..yuh nuh affi beg nuh drive
The party just start when you arrive
Gal yuh a di queen inna every hive
Gal look anaemic and deprive
Like a from alien dem derive
Dem Gal deh gawn and dem caah revive
Yuh alive yuh life .dem a try survive
Yuh kool like cucumber ..just like ice
And everything yuh need gal yuh have it suffice
And every part pony uh body move synchronise
Yuh have di magnet fi mek man nature rise
Gal still a get fuck .fi Chicken and fries
Krazy batterydem body vandalize
Yuh man dun propose and yuh mek di choice
Tell a gal stop blem when dem a throw di rye


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