A who di gal dem a cry for
Scare Dem, Monster Shack just as dat
Angel Doolas, sexy body gal are here to conquer
Jesus Christ dem gyal yah a de banker,
A we di gal dem a cry for, lie for
Whole heap a gal dem a die for
Gal a wonder wheh me get dem sex appeal yah
Mi drink di tigerbone blend up wid di tequila
Scare Dem a we di gal dem after
Wi gi dem over hour an dem still want brawta
Gal all a offer fi rent and charter
Woman all a present wi dem daughter
1. A we di gal dem want an a seek out
Dem hear bout wi money an plan fi eat out
Gal eat mi out an mi wi freak yuh out
Yuh shoulda use yuh head wha mek yuh use yuh mouth
No doubt, mi haffi leave har at dat roundabout
Gal a follow wi go east west north and south
Jeesas Christ a we a di gal dem spouse
2. A we di gal dem want an a locate
Dat woman a tek plane an a fly state to state
Gal remember mi name an all a masturbate
Wish dem coulda see the smile upon my face
Woman a ask mi wha dat mia portrait
Cause everyday mi have a different gal pon date
Mi wifey tell mi dat di marriage it is at stake
Di gal dem everyday waan mi bake dem cake
A we di gal dem a call an a invite
Dem say we must come over and spend di whole night
Dem a tell mi say dem nuh want a bedroom fight
Dem want a man fi love dem up and treat dem right
The woman dem want di loving right thru di night cause.....

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