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I've been the pretty from some big city
I've been the hothouse rose.
I've heard the jangle, I've had the jangle
Had diamonds on my toes.
All that material stuff is dandelion fluff
I think that I've had enough sweet baby

I'll be your little wildflower swayin' in the summer breeze.
You be the sun on my shoulders won't you dance with me, dance with me
We'll make this tired world over spinnin' in a melody.
And when the morning comes baby we'll kiss the sun
Just you and me.

Clouds for a pillow beneath a willow
A jigsaw puzzle sky.
We'll drink the raindrops until the rain stops
The wind'll blow us dry.
And when the sky falls dark we'll catch a runaway star
Holdin' on with our hearts sweet baby


I wanna feel us go out where the big dreams grow
Hey boy, you never know, life's crazy


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Written by: Brett Beavers / Catherine Britt / Steve Bogard. Isn't this right? Let us know.