How's my makeup cause here he comes
Whatever cool means I need me some
Well let's dance with somebody let's get real loud
Whatever he was I'm over him now
If love is a story, he's a joke
I got the punch line just in time.

Well I'm bruised but I ain't broke
I said I'm bruised but I ain't broke

Who's that with him, no I don't care
But I hate the way she fixes her hair
Well that smile she's wearing won't last too long
He'll have it in his pocket when he leaves at dawn
His crazy heart is a patch of bad road
Glad I made it through in one piece

Well I'm bruised but I ain't broke
Yeah I'm bruised but I'm not broke (repeat)

Let's pay the cheque cause i can't watch
As he turns his Casanova up another notch
It's like seein' a hangman knottin' a rope
That i just got off my throat


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