The phone broke the silence
Like the screaming of the siren
and I just sat beside it
took another drag on my cigarette
swore I'd never smoke again
and I watched the rain.

Well I knew that it was you
calling just to prove that
you were as strong as you could be
and you could get along without me anytime
and anyway

So I just stared though the door screen and I
watched the cars come down the pike
their lights against the sky
like a drive in movie on a country road
that I've seen before
Never like the first time

Blue lights on the dashboard
songs on the radio
oh and how are you to ever know
how much I loved you so you thought that I
was only dreaming

What a suprise it must have been
to realise I was one of them
not a game with just the men
not an angel only a friend
and not someone that you could believe in

and out across the rugged hills
the dust blows the wind wails
sunbleached skulls and empty shells
broken men with tales to tell
and I would be one of them.

And how are you to ever know
how far it was gonna go
you fall in love and that's the road
you travel till you can't no more
and then we just we turn around again

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