Breeding to the decay


The sunshine still stands lowly over horizon
Shadows become longer, twilight appears
How the old man finishes his pilgrimage
Our nation is tired and used

Golden age of our culture came apart into ruins
Sarcophagus, heroic epics and memories
Sucked to the bones by our own effeminacy
Former masters enslaved by their slaves

I can hear the bells toll
The choir of gallows tree
The burning of fire of destiny

Where are that hands which built Acropolis
Where are that brains which observed the Laws of life
Creeping worms beseeche for mercy
In our lands for which soldiers died

I can hear the war song
Into the cradle of peace
The flaming desire of dignity

Now the new world's pestilence infects the folk
Under the flag of the worshipping the decay
Honour, pride and loyalty-insignificant words
The glory of our ancestors cursed in the tales of grave

I can see the rainbow
On the darkened skies
A bygone greatness will rise

Every nation on the rise built the way for its own demise
Precedent mistakes, the roots of corruption, defile of blood, self-destruction

Breeding to the decay
(We are) Breeding to the decay...

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