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Fire It Up

Busta Rhymes

Uh, ah, uh ah
Ah ah ah ah
Check it out
Flimpmoo Squad '98
Raw Deluxe, check it out y'all

I be the street hit
The brotha yo momma freak wit
Put yo people on if y'all know how to keep a secret
When I get money ya know I like to keep it
How I get money ya know others are tryin to peep it

Flimpmoo, be the winners ya wanna form a team with
The big money figures to plot da scheme with
The brothas who be used to gettin money frequent
The ones who I'd always measure up my triple beams with

Until they start takin my people to the precint
But dats all back in da day yo, that ain't nuttin recent
Cuz now we see women we like to speak with
Eat with, lay 'em down and sleep with

Type of woman who make a brotha wanna keep it
Shorty be so exotic she lookin decent
Lotta corny niggaz who be offerin whack free shit
I can't hold the heat no more, yo I gotta release it

What y'all gonna do? Don't we always comin through, me and mycrew
Lemme hear ya say "FIRE IT UP"! (FIRE IT UP!) Say "FIRE IT UP"!(FIRE IT UP!)

To all my dogs dat stay bloody, well around in the 500, all day
Lemme hear ya say "FIRE IT UP"! (FIRE IT UP!) Say "FIRE IT UP"!(FIRE IT UP!)

Now everytime I meet a sucka dats frontin, it's aight
Gettin money and everybody want it
Smoke a big blunt, get all fucked up
Fall on da floor, gotta call my X-500

Iceburg 5 where you at??
"No need for alarm, right now I'm cruisin' to the sound of myenhanced cd-rom."
Hurry up 5, things are about to get thick
I see dis cat away behind my back about to do a stick
"Tell me where you at, I will be there in 10 seconds flat, I gotyour back,
I'll be there just in time to counteract."
Sometimes I might even forget my crew, my X-5 bulletproof, Iturbo boost,
and blast through da ceiling in da roof

Comin through, hittin you, and knockin out other sucka's tooths
Full speed ahead, like we runnin a toll booth
Produce more flavour then Veryfine juice
Call a truce on me and my people and let loose

All my ladies in da place to be, gettin money while they next tome, lemme see
Lemme hear ya say "FIRE IT UP"! (FIRE IT UP!) Say "FIRE IT UP"!(FIRE IT UP!)

All my people just wave yo hands, gettin money all across daland, one time
Lemme hear ya say "FIRE IT UP"! (FIRE IT UP!) Say "FIRE IT UP"!(FIRE IT UP!)

Release the heat, we lettin loose to the extreme
Me my Iceburg X-5 bounce from da scene
Recline my seat, rock to da beat
Lyrical artist, microphone scarred up in da heat

Blow up da spot we be hittin, know what I mean?
Got you hoppin yo people up like caffeine
Flyin guilloutine, seein everything on my little computerscreen
From here to Phillipines

Keep it movin, we never run out of gasoline
Gas me, your arson, but lookin kerosene
Me and my five be runnin the mission you never seen
Hot shit, makin ya fuckas forever fein

Anyone of you comin, you better come clean
Hit you with a dose of rhyme amphetamine
Got your eyes all bloodshot, ya need visine
People in Wylin, I think you need to wreak da sirene

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