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Insert Directly

Canadian Bush Party

Barbits' and Alcohol will make the end so near
Sodium Penthanol will tell you what you want to hear
Amphetamines will make you paranoid and cruel
But you need those little red Bennys just to keep you awake in school
Insert Directly and I'll feel no pain
No medication here comes close
Insert Directly and I'll feel no shame
Hang on now cuz it gets worse
Times like this I wonder what the hell I'm doing here
When it takes half of all my courage and a fifth of all my fears
I look into John's eyes and I don't feel so bold
I start to realize that this game is getting old
Sitting on my TV I hear "Be all you can be"
and I start to consider and armed felony
I'll just go out on the street and get what I need
and only a few innocents will have to bleed

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