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Say you got to write what you know
but living out here in the middle of nowhere
there's not much to know but the four walls of your room
and the contents within
Try and fill the void with alcohol
but you wont find much solace in the bottom of a bottle
but you might find a good time trying
Pre-Chorus: And if you've lived in the burbs'
you would know where I've been
Boredom's an enemy against whom you cant win
Chorus: So you write it down on the side of a guitar case
and stay for free at your parents place
Just sit on the stairs and smell the rain coming in
Finished with school, now life gets cool
that's what your brother told you
from underneath a rusted out old Dodge
Out for a spin on a Tuesday night
Looking for fun or looking for a fight
It doesn't really matter who wins
Sitting in a room with people who lost their youth
Smoke hangs heavy from a back alley booth
Take her home and its all the same
14 years, just my haircut changed
Repeat Chorus

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