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Duct Tape Saved My Life (But Bondo? Saved My Car)

Canadian Bush Party

Driving north on 16 west, next to the girl i think smells the best
We hear a rattle, and then we hear a hum,
Sound of metal on concrete sounds like a tin drum
Duct tape saved my life but bondo saved my car
9 and a half weeks ago last saturday night,
Like two hyenas in the night
I had a girl in the dark and gloomy place,
She had that look strewn across her pink face,
I fumbled about for an appropriate cover,
Found a wrapper but not another,
But i knew i had a godsend in my trunk so i wrapped him up from back to
Well i still drive a civic through the streets of this city,
Held together but not lookin too pretty
Just last tuesday i think it was the 5th,
Hit a volvo and boy he was p*ssed
Bumper of bondo passed through side impact beam,
Broke up seats, headlights and everything in between

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