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That C.I.T.A. Feeling

Caught In The Act

Got that feeling
got that C.I.T.A. feeling for you Caught
here I am I´m back again (back again)
all the time I wonder is it still the same In
(still the same)
get the call two minutes more
falling to that vibe that´s coming through The
that door
it´s all unreal I can´t say how I feel Act
excuse me fellas won´t you help me explain

It´s tha C.I.T.A. feeling That
we´re sound that´s so
it´s the crew that´s bringing Feeling
down the ceiling
and they won´t stop the C.I.T.A. Songtexte
feeling that´s in you

Tell me girl does it turn you on make me strong Songtext
do you see the someting special
going on in your lives Lyrics
let me take you on a magic ride
eith all of the emotions that you hold inside Lyric
it´s no big deal ´cos we know how you feel Liedertexte
excuse me ladie won´t you let us explain

Repeat chorus
C.I.T.A. we´ve got that feeling that feeling Alle
C.I.T.A. we´ve got that feeling that feeling Caught
C.I.T.A. we´ve got that feeling that feeling In

arrived you should try
It´s all unreal I can say how I feel The
Excuse me fellas won´t help me explain

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