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Ain't Just Another Story

Caught In The Act

Girl I´ve never been rich
I ain´t got much to give Caught
but I would gladly sacrifice
everything that I own
take my body and soul In
if you would be here in my life

I can´t sleep, sleep at night The
with you running
through my mind
although you make me smile Act
the situations
driving me wild

So I wrote you this song to show you the way Ain´t
my love ist the pen my heat the page
my soul is the melody, gave each part of me Just
this ain´t just another story of love

words go proud in my head Another
so much needs to be said
there are other ways to let you know Story
no one thinks that a guy
has the right to be shy Songtexte
but I´ve only this way to let it show Songtext

I can´t sleep, sleep at night
without you here to hold me tight Lyrics
read between the lines
you´ll see that I want you in my life Lyric

Repeat chorus

Never been one for talking
had to find a way to open your eyes Liedertexte
girls I´ve been losing so much sleep
so while I´m awake I write down all the feelings I hide Liedertext

Repeat chrous

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