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It Should Be You

Caught In The Act

I spent my time alone no one to call my own Caught
that was until the day I saw you standing there
I knew it instantly and so I seized the day In
and wold you right away I know it sounded crazy when I told you The
the thoughts in my head but I could not let go Act
before you knew I meant the words I said

It should be you It
and it should be me
´cos from the minute
that I saw your smile Should
you chased the blues away

It should be me and it should be you Be
´cos theres nobody else who makes me
feel the way you do You

the words that came to me
they came so easily
this time I knew for sure
and then to my surprise
you gave me this reply
you said you´ve seen me too
these words I heard from you
love´s never crazy if you follow
where your heart has led
and what I feel for you
this is what you said

Repeat chrous twice

When you´re standing
by my side
so you feel it too
´cos nobody can make ist so right

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