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Sure do do do do do
make me want to fly with you Caught
sure do do do do do
bang zoom straight to the moon In

zoom just one look and then my heart went boom
suddenly and we were on the moon The
flying high in an neon sky oh oh
bang just one touch and all the church bells rang Act
heaven called and all the engels sang
sun rise shines in the midnight sky oh oh Zoom

Zoom you chased the day away
Hight noon the noom and stars came out to play
then my hole wide world went zoom

moone beams dancing in the afternoon Songtext
shadows blowing as the roses bloom
looking down on an wonderland oh oh
smack just one kiss an I was out of whack
oh so far along the brightest star oh oh

I touched a rainbow
as we went flying by
faster and faster
we were higher than high
for once in my lifetime
i was finally free
and you gave that to me
every time that I see you Alle
bang zoom straight to the moon

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