Reborn in flames
The blood flows in me
Only a shadow remains
A whispering of the blame

I rejected my sin
I was out to fuck and kill
Morbid fascinations
Of lifeless bodies drained

Badly mutilated bodies
My lust doesn't end here
Ripping them apart
Is just my nature that calls

I fucked for centuries
Bitches, witches, whores and queens
Just for their taste and smell
I killed for love, for eternal hunger
For the love of to live, for sex and blood
I'm a hunter, I'll survive

Like blood upon the snow has marked his dominion
I penetrated her neck like a poisonous thorn
Stripped tender flesh from her swine
Like the lick of carnivorous winds

Where the pleasure took flesh
And pain remorseless
Came the freezing breath
Of death and hunger
Forcing whores to suck
And bare my children
The bitch her lips will know
When the feast is over
Like a murderer I took care
About my hunger
Life is beautiful,
And so innocent and young
If you can see it die
It's a feast four the eyes

Die *

Life slips away and I can stop the whispering
The lure of blood, the smell that infest my brain
My master's body, a drop of his mighty blood.

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