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The Testimony Of The Mad Arab


This is the testimony of all that I have seen,
And all that I have learned,
In those years that I have possessed the three seals of the Masshu.

This is my way
And no other!

Know then that I have trod all the zones, of the Gods. I have seen the unknown lands,
I have traveled beneath the seas, in search of the palace of our master
I have traveled among the stars, and trembled before the gods

The wolves carry my name
In their midnight speeches
That quit, subtle voice
Is summoning me from afar
A voice shouts into my ear
With unholy impatience
The weight of my soul will decide
It's final resting place.

I am weak and ill
And a great tiredness and exhaustion,
I am old and a sign hangs
In my breast like a dark lantern

And the gods grant thee death before the ancient ones rule the earth once more!

I have raised demons, and the death.
I have summoned the ghosts of my ancestors.
I have raised armies against the lands of the east.
I have found fear.
I have found the gate that leads me to the outside.

That leads me to the outside!

But now after one thousand and one-moons of the journey
I found the palace of my gods.
And I saw a thousand and one soul bleed to death
And I became one of them

And became one of them

The Maskim nips at my heels,
The Rabishu pulls at my hair,
Lamashta opens her dread jaws,
Azag-thot gloats blindly at his throne,
Kutulu raises his head and stares up
Through the veils of sunken Varloorni,
Up through the abyss, and fixes his stare upon me;
Wherefore I must with haste write this book lest my end comes sooner then I had prepared

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