The power of hate and evil grows
As the oceans of time has past
My desire to molestate the domesticated primates
Taste like a sweet victory on my tongue
A bitter romance that will last forever

Blood will flow like water flows into the sea
And death will come to this valley
But if we stand together as one
And fight the battle that comes
We will seek out in the name of the evil one.

There will be sacrifices
And there will be pain
So sharp your swords and sharp your pride
It's time to take back what's mine
Eden belongs to the evil ones

So it is been written
So shall it be done!

So come one my sisters and my brothers
Take back what belongs to us all
The time has come for the ultimate battle
The search is over so fight. until death takes us apart

This is been written al so long ago
In the book of the dead necronomicon exmortem
In the color of flesh and blood
The plundering and the slaughtering of eden has begun.

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