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When The System Has Fallen

Johnny Clegg

Sweat in the heat for days on end
waiting for you to come again
to hear the words spill from your lips
"the system has fallen"

Mass action on the radio
like a great river ebbs and flows
carrying us to the final close
when the system has fallen

I know that you are tired and weary
seen too much to believe any more
but we have to keep moving down that long road
if we want to reach that far shore.

We're on our way home to find our freedom
and I'm on my way home to find you my friend
where we can stand in the light of the people
and breathe life into the land again.
Siyathemba, siyathemba kuwena nkosi
Sizo fika ema khaya
[We are still hoping and we still believe
we wil reach our final destination]

Hey! You! if you dance in the shadows
the shadows will cover you
and paralyse all the hope in your eyes
that you'll need to bring you shining through
Could you believe that I am your brother?
could you believe that I am your friend?
and although I don't speak the language you speak
we could be closer than you have ever dreamt.


Ngizobeka phansi uku zondana kwami
[I will put down my hatred]
Ngizobeka phansi izenzo zegazi
[I will lay down my acts of revenge]
Ngizoxolelana nezitha zami wemadoda
[I will forgive my enemies]
Sizofika emakhaya
[and will reach our homes]
I'm on my way, on my way, on my way
to find you my friend.

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