The maze I used to fly above
Is laughing at me now
Another blind alley
The father I go the more I bleed
Takes me to places I thought I knew

I'm not of their world
But I'm entangled in what they do

I've drunk from the well of torment
And my bones on the ground over there
I've dropped my life from my hands
Through the cracks all my future escapes

The wind from the maze
Wakes the sleeping birds up
He? He is long gone
The hungry birds
Are soaring over the temple
Everybody's here
Make yourselves at home
Let the feast begin
None is alone
If I may suggest
You should taste my soul
It is stuffed with pain
Can you hear it howl
It is time for drinks
We've got blood and tears
Why is the light so dim?
Now enjoy the meal

Solo: Schubert
Solo: Ambro¿y

I'm on my knees
Down there like a worm
Can't find the key
Can't even walk
Madness is hiding
From my eyes
Can feel its breath
Can feel it's close
All I asked for
Was one drop of time
And all I got
Was an empty word

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