Being in progress
No one s able to leave
Without permission
It always comes on time
No one s allowed to decide

The complex nature
Of the universe
A conceal order
In the dark of night
Chaos and madness
Too close to be seen
The end is a myth
A wish to be dead

I am going out of time
Can feel the past aeons
They re coming back to me
The regions that so far have
Been inaccessible
They re all within my reach
Before my eyes some demons
Are collecting dead thoughts to
Be resuscitated
The limping god is dancing
Blind angels see again
The city s flourishing

I am there I am it
Long forgotten light
Suffuses the place
Time is defeated
Power of the dead
Penetrates my mind
Voices from beyond
Recite The Future

Your names are carved
In a stone
The one that
Will never crumble
This realm has neither
Beginning nor end
The stars though dead
Will shine again

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