Show me the one who let the jester
Into your hearts
May his hands be cut off
And let him bleed to death
Invite me please to the great opening
Of your minds
I ll bring my own poison
And throw you a handful
I m very grateful for giving me the possibility
Of watching your downfall
Watching as you are getting very high
Only to suddenly fall down

Can I hear
Once again
A fool s laugh
The one s who
Cannot see
Cannot move

Have you seen the face?

I cannot
Help throwing
My poison
It surely will
Be absorbed
So easily

Now close your hands
The jester will lead the prayer

By your hands you ll die

Keep on feasting the
The jester will sing
Filling the
Empty spaces
With answers
The night hugs those
Who hate the light
She will avenge her sons
If you try to hurt them
She keeps the key to
Rule the weak minds

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