See how the fluffy clouds move by us
See how the clouds move by
See how the morning mist can hide us away
And how the day is so much fun
Wha Oh

Isn't it groovy in a daydream?
Dreamin' today
Doesn't the day seem like it could never end
And so my friend we're one

Baby it's funny
How I can feel so sunny
When you're beside me
We can fly
Oh we can fly

Hey Mister Wind keep on sailin'
Keep on sailin' along
High in the sky there's no curtailing our fun
Yes we'll have fun
So everyone come on
Hey you on the ground
Take a look up and see what we've found
Nothing to tie us
Bluebirds come up to guide us
When you're beside me we can fly
Oh, we can fly
We can fly
Hey, everyone on the ground let's fly

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Written by: Artie Kornfeld / Bill Cowsill / Steve Duboff. Isn't this right? Let us know.