O.z. voorburgwal ::
[head reversed me watching myself from an elevated view]
A specular game.... waiting for the umpteenth orgasm
Trying to capture that moment and channel 28 years
In few frames showing me the sense of a life.
I believe in friendship - but the best friends i ever had
Still remain desperation + blood.
The frame's gone - another mouth's filled with cum
We can keep on existing in a perpetual motion of money,
Physiologic urges, convenience, politeness,
Discard of the non-essential.
I've been used for an eternity
And i'm glad to disappoint
Those who'd expect me to do the same.
The frame's gone - as well as the hermit-crab cult
I had on my shoulders.

Words in the song...:
How many friendships have been spoiled up to death
How many eyes corroded by despair
It's the hability to handle the void we have inside
To manipulate the others thru sense-needs and lies.

(love) makes the world burn not go round
Makes the world burn not go round

How many friendships spoiled up to death.

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