Guy: So long ago her soul and mine entwined
We shared our things together happily
I used my mind and I protected her
She used her body and supported me
To be poor is an illness
And this was the cure
So when a customer appeared I'd leave out bed
I'd go outside and I'd prepair some cheese and bread
And when he paid and he could have a snack
Well I'd say if ya like her please come back
And then you'd wash beneth the golden dome
Of that cold brothel that you and I called home

Girl: For half a year, his soul and mine entwined
He touched me sweetly with a lovers touch
And when the cash was gone he said, "We'll sell your ring,
We have to eat my love, so please don't cry too much.
The ring, who needs it? We wanted to survive"
And I remember once I said that that's not fair,
He knocked me down and slapped my face and pulled my hair,
Then later on one time he hit me with a stick
And I laid down because I felt quite sick

Both: So life was sweet beneth that golden dome
In that cold brothel were we made our home.
And in those days, so very long ago..

Guy: Things weren't as sad and grim as they are now.

Girl: Its true we made love only in the day,

Guy: By night the farmers girl had to pull the plow
It wasn't normal, but we could still play,

Girl: Then I got Pregnant and by you, you will agree.

Guy: So when we F*** shed always sit on top of me

Girl: Be cause he didn't want to hurt our little child

Guy: But then it died one night in may and she went wild

Both: We said goodbye, in June beneath the dome,
Of that cold brothel which we called our home

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