Photo of the artist D-Sailors

GoGoGadizo EasyLiving


Winter '99 our first tour ahead
Hitting the road weather sucks beer is supposed to be cold
Thank god for inventing the cold box for cigarette lighters.
Inspector Gadiz is rocking the steering wheel.
Our first gig sucks people are boring. It's up to them
At least we get drinks for free.

Posting stickers to the toilet as we did a hundred times before
Going to bed - Gadizo's spirit will protect us.
Feeling down once more but he'll stand strong
Like a thousand times before spending comfort to us.

Living is easy so hush baby don't cry no more.

Days pass by two shows are cancelled
No one knows we are on the way
Attempted suicide fails - our booker's breakdown
We've got nothin' nothin'to lose but money no no no
No gigs, no audience no place to sleep
But we drink for nothing every day.

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