Photo of the artist D-Sailors

Overwhelming emotional conflict


You go to work while your girl - friend is dating an other man.
This strange feeling rises up again.
Although she told you a thousand times that she loves you.

You feel like a jerk and you feel helpless
although there is no reason to doubt.
At that moment you can't fight your feelings.
At that moment you wish to hide.
You wish she never touched your life.

You have to take control
You're going to lose her.

It's always the same, you're jealous.
Where's your fuckin' confidence
You ruin your own happiness.

You meet her in the evening,
but you're not happy to hug and to kiss her.
Still there is this feeling and it's telling you
That you don't fit in her life
Why can't you believe her,
Why can't you trust her.

It's always the same.

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