Haven't found my inspiration - at the moment -
Drinking gin red grapefruit - really tired of working and thinking.
Standing in the center of that green cypress hill.
What will set the log on fire in my mind
What will give me a thrill ?

Sitting in my small appartment
Trying to look behind the words,
plundering my fridge just depending on the things
that were coincidently created,
'Cause no weapons - no war
no drugs - no drug addiction
no cars - no dying of forests.

Only you not anyone else
Give sense to those lines -
Just you choose your view of life
Out of the things you see
The impressions you are taking in -
Take care functional fallacy

I can't take those people seriously
Who keep on moaning all the time about the world
About the government, just considering the facts
instead of livin'for their ideals
no one feels sorry for you, fuck social constraints.

'Cause they are strong
they are powerful.
Sometimes they misuse you
Sometimes they help you to improve
Gettin'drunk is easy
but to deal with it is hard
Take care of your decisions
Take care of what is done
to yourself and to your world
take the risk, keep your dreams
that's the only thing that counts.

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