Never stranded, never left the road
Never contradicted the words that I´ve been told.
Never wasted, kept my promises
Always struggling, always in a fight
Almost no-one there to hold me tight
It´s just another big city night

Even if the prospects may seem bleak
Turn the pages, shut the gates I´ll stop to creep

I might stand up, speak it out
I will stand up - My revolution starts today!
I might stand up, speak it out
I will stand up - And then the other night, I drank myself to sleep

You are not crooked, didn´t sell your soul.
You are too overdosed on pills that leave you cold
You are a loser, that´s what she said.
I held my own, never let you down
I was always there waiting every night
And I´m the droopy dog that never bites

Believe keeps me alive
There is no wrong or right
And even if it breaks me it´s everything I´ve tried
No more compromises, that bury me alive
I am done I am through with this!

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