Hues of unearthly malady
A scar like an oozing wound in the land
The bones have spilled their marrow
Released their life to miasmic skies

Venus' vitriol
Could not have painted sicker scenes
Magmatic gore rots
In putrid reds and glowing greens

Pali Aike
Phantasmagoria scorched in rock
Ghoulish nightmares gather and flock
To Pali Aike
Home of the devils

Ghost lakes
Into austral deserts call
A cruel deception haunting the land
Their poison drunken, vanished
A carcass bleaches, barren lies
For the lions to maul

Here at world's end
Where colossal basalt spines drown in stygian deeps
The thin veneer of reality hangs tattered
And eldritch phantoms stir
Awaken from their sleep

Torrefied by time and dust
Colonies lie scattered, starved and mummified
Their vacuous marks consumed by moss and rust
Long gone the greed for gold, the genocide

Only sepulchral stars now cast their eerie glare
On these abandoned plutonic panoramas
Fata Morganas set aglow the silent air
So peaceful, so beautiful

Pali Aike
Phantasmagoria born from rock
Ghoulish nightmares run amok
In Pali Aike
Home of the devils

Pali Aike
Pali Aike
Home of the devils
Pali Aike
Pali Aike
Home of the devils

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