Rising as one body
My myriads swell
On screaming desert winds
Disease and fever spill

Born from hell
The need for the divine
Where there's no gods
There are no demons

Summoned in despair
By Gaia torn in massacre
A voiceless dire prayer
Of all that lives beneath God's vile stare

Misbegotten usurpers
Of the living continuum
Hard to think that this was us
Just one universe ago

Nusquam Deus
Nusquam daemon
Pazuzu, engulf us
Save us from the deeds of men

Shatter the terror in its core
Ward off the virus boiling fear into its brain
All life clings to the existence it abhors
But this life must go for all other to remain

Ubique daemon
Ubique Deus
Pazuzu, engulf us
Save us from the deeds of men

A plethora of prongs and poisons
Congealing from the tesseract
Our anima to hide in legions
Of living exoskeletons

Breeding their feebleness into an epidemic
Greedily consuming forest, river, beast, earth and kin
Crazed by their made-up God's lies
A pandemic of self-righteousness
Sets the world aflame and preaches sin

Let them revel in false victory before they ooze back into the dirt
Feeding on just one of theirs, a million maggots soon take wing
We strip their feilds before their eyes, and when they starve, we bring them
Fever from the edge of time and burn them from within

Their fear of death is the key to their kingdom

Ubique daemon
Ubique Deus
Pazuzu, engulf us
God against the gods of men

A trillion eyes to feast on fever
A pestilence against the plague
A lord of death to combat murder
Spawned from sacks of flesh and blood

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