Eastwards we went, adrenaline fluxed with death.
Roaring divisions, rape you insane.
Parting your children, the elderly and weak.
Picturesque landscapes, painted in red.
Under the banner of the deadhead, we conquer.
We slave you behind the barbed wire.
With glazing eyes, you witness the murder East.
Salvation and peace comes with the beast.
Why...We must cry...
Why...We must die...
Stripping your life, raping your wife, serve our will.
Freezing to death, boiling in bath, we came to kill.
Exploding tissue, frantic scream.
Are you still thinking, this is a dream?
Fragments of thoughts, scattered shells, all but why.
We've defeated your will, now we're going to kill, you're going to die.
Obedience to us, you're mine.
We're going East, it's time.

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