Photo of the artist Deinonychus

We Have Uncovered A Question And Now We Must Unearth The Answer


Thrown through a window, naked they had to fall
Easy prey for knives to seize, screaming and applauding
Tongues tasting the odour, the eyes anaesthetized, witness
Barely motivating forward, the question to this dismayed answer
Bones that fathoming immensely, while crushing on the pavement
Aghast they gazed amongst us, not willing to answer at all
Chained and adhered by faith, scripted words to be obeyed
A trail of bloodied feathers left, resolving the knives quest
Machines spawning heavenly music, silently they stop smiling
Throw back your steaming laughter, and close that window forever

We cannot find the answer to this all, clouded our visions are
The blood mirrors many questions, unable to reveal the answer

Heavy the weight, carrying the soulless, holes to be emptied
Stabbing on and on, amusing the heartless, follow the blade

Stripped naked, winter welcomes them with a warm surface, questioning
The years have taken the young and the old, knives never asleep
Stop this madness from taking my sanity, the window is nearby
I see them coming on the stairway, the knives welcoming their bearing

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