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Sister Dew


Oh my sweet Sister Dew what have I done?
All my life I've only loved the one.
I was taught to be tolerant and plain
I was taught a million things I can't explain.

It must have been the hatred in her eyes
It must have been the power to her lies
Tell me sister there's a place where I can hide

Oh my sweet this is how it did unfold
no my body never felt so calm and cold.
All around us there were people in the park.
No my senses never felt so clear and stark.

And I know that she saw it in my way
and I'm sure that she heard it in my voice
Tell me sister please I didn't have a choice.

I enjoyed to see her being idle
she never had no worries, nothing vital
from the day I met her to the final... afternoon.
There was something there I can't describe it
we were kicking ass we didn't fight it.
She never once suspected, that she had it... coming soon.

Oh my sweet Sister Dew what have I done?
all my life I've only loved the one.
I was raised with compassion and they said
I was loved for the loving that I spread

Now the only thing remaining is this chill.
and the only emptiness I need to fill
is understanding what it is that made me KILL.


Please forgive me if I keep on smiling
but every sad story has a funny side in
from that moment on I felt like crying... every day.
All around us there were people screaming
For half a second I thought I was dreaming
my baby looked at me her eyes were beaming,
I walked away.

Oh my sweet Sister Dew what have I done?
All my life I've never loved no one.
So it dawned on me this should be the place
now the only thing I crave is an embrace.

So let your tender wisdom be mine
and let me come to you like a child
I'd like to stick around here for a while.

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