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visualizaciones de letras 304

Allehelgens Død I Helveds Rike (translation)

Dimmu Borgir

The Death Of All Saints In Hell's Domain

Unpure is the act and thought of fornication
Without limitations in unknown ecstasy
Nor a justified wish to breed descedants for God
Voluntary infected and soaked
In sweetness of the flesh
Imprisoned by lies and disobedience

Man's fragile behavior
Must be fought with honor and glory it's been said
But goodness gave birth to nothing but eternal evil
When the tyrant of Eden offered the fruit

Wisdom is freely enriched in the multitude of the Beast
When the heavens' glorious injustice
And pompous mercy
Invokes rejection by our view

The spark has started a fire
And suffering in the will of the pestilence
The pathetic slaves kneeling in shame
Impregnated with sin and mercy

Descendents who swears the oath
With a pledge to undo the peace
To crush the comfort of heaven slaves
And triumph in coldness in honor of the Beast

The chalice of wrath is overflowing
Strengthened by the riot devils, sulphur winds
Glowing, from the region of Belial's children
Bred beyond the defying mountains of indignation

The last signs of Christ's losing angels
Burns inexorably in the raven's fire

[Repeat 2nd verse]

Painful and pale is death
With haematemesis from the light guild
Death's presence spares nobody
The devout life suffocating by their own tongues
The most precious soil is garnished
With poverty and famine

Wings spanned over Darkness' deep mouth
Brought to live to devour
On pestilence and death
Indulging on sin and whorery

The supremacy of the pit bastards
Nourishes zest in the hierarchy of sin
An eternal paradise
Is perfected in Satan's dynasty

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Compuesta por: Alfredo Galderon / Dimmu Borgir / Erkekjetter Silenoz / Mustis. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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