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The Insight And The Catharsis

Dimmu Borgir

Passenger on confessional course
Unlock with the key you behold within
Repair the shadow of your mind
And come awake

Oh, dreadful angel of mine
Enrich me with the vastnesss of your being
Rigid father, teach me to comprehend
I'll commit myself to understand
To be faithful and the instrument
So that the ones with blindfold can see what I have seen
That there's nothing in between
For I am the accomplice

Aghast and tender, indulged in sin
Embraced by loneliness, legions who grin
I blunder into the realms of slumber
I collide with the obscure
And see the last fraction of light go by

Plundering the sanity from the insane
And providing appearances in black
Carefully swept in decadent spheres
But faces in this world always remain darkened

In circles of dominance, emotional deeps unite
Fiction and transcendence woven together
In the essence of purity lies wisdom
Join the forces, the spiritual black dimensions

What more do you need of proof
Human hands conforming clooven hoofs
For I know the secrets and lies behind all truths
Knowledge is power and the power is mine
It's all mine

So let the children come to me
And share the limitless ways to infinty
Escape death and disease
And behold youth and vitality

Oh, dreadful angel of mine
Enrich me with the vastness of your being
Rigid father, teach me how to comprehend
I'll commit myself of to understand to be faithful

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Written by: Dimmu Borgir / Erkekjetter Silenoz. Isn't this right? Let us know.