Photo of the artist Disinter

The Sleeper Awakens


A star falls from heaven
Unto a bottomless pit
Cast out with water
From the flood

The mother of harlots
Abominations of the earth
And the prince of evil
Were banished to the darkness

I have sent mine Angels
To testify to thee
That this thing shall be unleashed
To deceive the whole world

Guardian priests
From a forgotten sect
Your stubborn faith
Allows the deception

His power starts with a change
Within the earth and the sky
I can feel him all around us now
The sleeper awakens

Dream dark figure Asleep until know
Pray for death, the father of Satan

You will not be saved by the sign of the cross
You will not be saved by the god plutonium
You will not be saved by the Holy Ghost

In fact you will not be SAVED


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