I have invoked into myself
Hidden despair and the eternal
Embrace of emptiness

Sadistic, horrific, murals of horror
Encase the walls of my mind
Conscious entrapping
Contradictions of hatred
Are open and underlined

Schitzophrenia, psychotic delusions
And euphoric discontent
Empties my mind, absorbing my will
Dawn of morbid dreams, I am the seat
In a liquid pool, of black I lay
Born again into darkest of days

Shattered subconcious, reaching to kill
As the darkness swells within
Burning depression
Expression overloading
Is leaving me dead inside

Life has cut deep
I've injested the bleeding
Deprived of flesh, and in loss of a soul
Twisted perversion, burning my eyes
Charred remnants of a life
I with hold
This is arcane
I am the warm in the darkness
In the cold dead of night
From my breath comes a fire
That cuts through me like a knife

Murals of horror
This is arcane

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