Photo of the artist Disinter

A Curse Of Plain And Hate


My will invades your dreams
I wish you to feel this pain
I'll trap you where you cannot scream
For my desire will drive you insane
Sanities destruction, is what I see
I'll make you feel, how I bleed
A bleak emptiness will consume
All the days till life has past
For the rest of your dim life
You live this sick dream

Burn with me in this fucking nightmare

Rise up from the pits
Scourge of the dark
Strength and honor hail
Our force together
Make this come to pass
Curse of destruction prevail
By the power of my hatred
By the heart felt pain
So mote it be

Putrid waste of life
All of my hatred
And vengeance is upon you
Serpents writhe off my tongue
And spit this venomous curse
Of hatred concentrated

Flowing from me
And stabbing right into you

Burn with me in this fucking nightmare

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