Photo of the artist Disinter

Black Seas Of Infinity


Behold the calling, a whisper in the dark
Brings dreams of unimaginable madness
Chaos strains at the gates of darkness
The aether rolls these black seas of infinity

I hear the calling of the ones from the stars
For in the dreaming minds of men these voices haunt
Across the aeons from the blackest of times
Falling from distant vistas when the stars are right

From witrhing the earth and under the sea
The send furth visions of worlds bent in imagery
Nocturnal influences, nightmares of poetry
I feel a madness that somehow sets me free

Shadowing forth the prophecy of their return

Nocturnal imagery reeks of decay
A cyclopean necropolis of enigmatic design
Sky flung monoliths, ancient hieroglyphs
And the incessant calling of Cthulhu fhtagn

Black seas of infinity, the dark brings divinity

They have lived through infinities of chaos
Now dead but dreaming the great once sleep
No longer alive yet they never truly died
They lie awake and speak from their tombs

"I have come to give the light that is darkness
I give the embrace of emptiness and the freedom of madness"

That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange eons even death may die

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